Community Cause: Books for Poor Dominican School Kids

In Cabarete, Dominican Republic, there are no public libraries, no bookshops, and even the local Cabarete school has hardly any books for the kids.
Just look at their miserable school library!

The school library some months ago...
Camille Kleinman with Kids in the Dominican School Library

This was their school library some months ago. It had no floor, no shelves, and the only books they had in their entire library were in that small box.

Their new school library

Thanks to our kind donors, we’re bringing bit by bit more books to the school library. Now they have a proper room, shelves, place for the kids to sit, and all sorts of educational and fun children’s books to read!

Unlike in the Western world where kids can borrow books from public libraries, school libraries and often get books as gifts, most Dominican kids never had a single children’s book in their lives.

Books are so important for developing a young child’s mind. It’s also a great and fun way for kids to learn English, which is an important language for them to know for better employment possibilities.

The majority of the Dominican population is extremely poor. Unemployment is approximately 20%.
Minimum wage is $131 per month and there are many young, single mothers who are living in extreme poverty. Some of their homes don’t even have floors.

Many Dominicans are illiterate and can’t even count, since school is not compulsory and only those parents who can afford a school uniform for their child can send their kids to school.

Without education, there are very few chances for Dominicans. Alas, many local girls as young as 12 years old turn into prostitutes, usually because their parents force them into it. Without education, they have little chance of ever getting out of this terrible destiny.

How can you help?

If you have any used children’s books, or books for teens in the English or Spanish languages, which you no longer need, please donate them to the Cabarete school in the Dominican Republic.

Send your books to this address:

Project Books for Kids
809-869-6888 – Escuela Puerto Cabarete
Calle Principal
Province of Puerto Plata, 00000
The Dominican Republic

The Wonderful Donors

Many thanks to our wonderful donors who have donated many beautiful children’s books and toys!

Ken Spilatro

Dave & Francine Mody